Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas eve eve update

Not been up to all that much lately, just writing / listening to music and playing League of Legends. If you're into metal, check out Ruins of Earth, they're a local band and have some killer tracks, and put on an awesome live show. I know there are loads of small metal bands and a lot aren't very good but these guys are definitely worth checking out.

League of Legends is really fun if your into gaming. It's sort of a genre of its own but I guess it comes under a the genre of real time strategy, although you control just one character rather than an army. It's free and fun, let me know if you play on EU and we can play together. I've been playing Pantheon recently and I really like how he plays. He has a great harassing move, a jump/stun move, and a move that does a lot of damage in a cone in front of him. His ultimate however is a bit rubbish, it's a global teleport that is supposed to be used to jump into enemies and cause AOE damage, but the cast time is so long they nearly always have moved by the time it is cast, and it costs a fair bit of mana. I've been winning pretty consistently though, but not been playing many normal games as I've discovered IP farming in practice games. I'd heard about it before but didn't realize how much faster it is. You play as Master Yi against Soraka on the 5v5 map in a 1v1 battle, take teleport and heal, and just plow down the middle and pretty much ignore Soraka, and win damn quickly. Don't win before 11 minutes though, then you get no IP or XP, but otherwise you get a fair chunk for just 11 minutes work.


  1. Thanks for the tips for LoL!

  2. Almost christmas! Too bad I don't play LOL haha.

  3. Iv played LoL a couple times. I just never have the time anymore.