Monday, 20 December 2010

Keeping warm in the snow

I'm currently in a home without heating as the oil companies say they can't deliver until January 26th! Best thing I've done is bought a cheap new duvet with a larger tog rating (from ASDA, cost £7! and it's actually really good!) and a hot water bottle. If you can stay under that most of the time it is really nice. You may need your hands for something so wear something fleecy and wear gloves. Also possibly knit yourself some of these sinister looking things:

Make sure you are eating enough, I was freezing yesterday morning after I got up because I was hungry before I went to bed. Porridge is nice and warm, filling and cheap! Keep all your doors, windows and curtains closed to keep any heat in. Try and heat up just one room with an electric heater, fire, or the oven if its the kitchen, and stay in there. Or just go to uni / work where it is probably heated.


  1. I'd rather be cold than go to uni when I don't have to!

    Those fan heaters are brilliant and quite cheap btw

  2. Not sure how I feel about the knit klansman hood. looks warm though lol

  3. seems like the poster for the canadian version of the texas chainsaw massacre.