Friday, 17 December 2010

Drinking on a university budget

I thought I would follow up my last post with a post on cheap alcohol, as everyone knows this a big part of university life, and most drink to get drunk. Basically, the cheapest alcohol per unit is cider. Learn to love cider. A cheap strong cider is cheaper than even Tesco Value booze (minus cider), including vodka, wine etc.

My personal favourite:
K Cider
Weighing in at 8.4%, and costing about £1 a can, it's pretty damn cheap. I get at for £1.10 at my local offlicence in central London, which is probably more expensive than most places. That is 26p per unit of alcohol. A friend of mine who lives a little further out gets theirs for about 80p a can, sometimes cheaper. It tastes good too, personally I love it, although some people hate it. It definitely has a unique taste, I think the best way to describe it is cider with a taste of metal. I don't know where that taste comes from but if you have a can you will see what I mean. It also makes my teeth feel funny, but not everyone gets this feeling.

Next up:
Diamond White

This is a little weaker at 7.5%, but costs basically the same as K Cider, it's 25.5p per unit. I can't comment on the taste as I haven't had it, but I noticed a 2L bottle at my local Tescos for £3.78. Nice.

There are a few other White / Hard ciders that are pretty cheap that might be worth trying such as White Lightning.

The Cheapest:
Sainsburys Basics Cider

If you want to go as cheap as you can go it doesn't get cheaper than Tesco Value/Sainsburys Basics Cider. £1.32 for a 2L bottle, 16p a unit. It's only 4.2% though, so you have to drink a lot more volume to get as drunk, which will have you going to the loo a fair bit. The picture makes it look very pale but it isn't, and it tastes quite nice. It's just a standard cider taste, nothing funny going on, I'd prefer it to Strongbow any day, taste wise.

Let me know in the comments what you drink / drank while at university, and I might add it to the list.

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